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>  Why Choose Be Our VIP?
 ☆ We get lowest price and discount for our VIP;    
 ☆ Best service and fastest delivery for our VIP;
 ☆ Life long time useful once your be our VIP;   
 ☆ Already got 15million online customer become our VIP;
>  How to get Member Discounts for your order?
1) First, you have to Sign Up our membership on our site and Log In your account before making order on JA4Z.COM
2) Your total consumption for your orders determines your Member level which dictates the discount rate you can get.
3) You can go to the Member Center to check your Member level and discount rate.
>  How to use your Member Discount for new orders?
1) Log In your account before making order on JA4Z.COM
2) Go to make your order, your Member Discount will be used to reduce the payment automatically.
3) You could use Discount Coupon and Member Discount at the same time.
 ☆ Tip: Please login your member account before placing the order. If you have placed the order but not login, the points will not be added to your member account any more!

VIP LevelVIP IconConsumption USDVIP Discount
Normal $0.000.00%
VIPⅠ $50.001.00%
VIP Ⅱ $100.002.00%
VIP Ⅲ $800.003.00%
VIP Ⅳ $2000.004.00%
VIP Ⅴ $5000.005.00%
VIP Ⅵ $8000.006.00%
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